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Level 1

Piece: Tag, You're It

Composer: unknown

Percussion: bells, snare, bass, crash

Key: Eb throughout

Tempo: 4/4 throughout

Notes:  Unison at beginning Winds Perc trade off 11-27 A natural accidentals Ww/brass trading 1 2&3 4. Title is big key to style of piece. Trades off melody.  VERY PLAYABLE


Level 2

Title: Variations on a Theme by Haydn. It is surprise Symphony

Composer: unknown

Percussion: snare, bass, timpani, bells, Triangle..

Key:  Eb all way through. A natural accidentals

Time Signature: 4/4 throughout

Tempo: Leggerio and marcato.

Notes:  One fermata at end of first section. Exposed cl and sax and triangle. Dotted quarter 8th 2 times in a row. Melody in trumpet at first with low brass on 1 and 3


Level 3

Title – In Shining Armor

Composer - unknown

Percussion - timpani, bass, snare, bells,

Key - two key changes. Eb, Bb, back to Eb

Tempo – Allegro/andante/allegro

Time signature – 4/4

Notes: Not many accidentals. Clarinet and trumpet have a lot of melody. ABA format. Ritardando and cesura at end of first A section and end of B section.  Many call and answer sections. 1 2&3 4 rhythm prevalent in ww/tpt melody. Low brass countermelody 3&4. Very playable


Level 4

Title: Appaloosa

Composer: William Owens

Percussion:  unknown

Key:  Eb/Bb/Eb

Tempo: Allegro/Andante/Allegro

Time Signature:  4/4 throughout

Notes:  Dotted eighth sixteenth is hardest rhythm. 1 2 uh 3 and and (syncopated rhythm after the dotted 8th/16th Very minimal accidentals. Melody is usually flute, clar, trumpet together or low brass/low reed together. Very well written.


Level 5

Title:  Unknown

Composer:  Unknown

Percussion:  unknown

Key:  F/Bb

Tempo:  Allegro

Time Signature:  4/4 and 3/4

Notes:  A few accidentals throughout (do not know which specific ones).  Lots of 8th-16th-16th.  Very playable.  More info from The Yellow Board….tarts off with 4 measure percussion intro. Snare mostly. 
Key of F but with Ab and Eb accidentals throughout. 
A LOT of dynamic markings. A lot of crescendos and de crescendos. If does change to Bb but again there are many accidentals. Only one entrance occurs on an up beat. Measure 6 in low brass. A lot of entrances on count 2. Hardest rhythms are the eighth note - 2 sixteenth and the 2 sixteenth- eighth note. The middle sections has some question and answer between low and high voices. Last 4 measures or so is a timpani solo with chords on count one. 
Accidentals are the biggest issues. 


Level 6

Title:  Entrance into Elysium (?
Composer:  Cliff Jones

Percussion:  Unknown

Key:  F/Bb/F

Tempo:  Moderato marcialle throughout

Time Signature:  4/4, 3/4, 4/4

Notes:  FULL of naturals, especially B natural in melody voices (flute, clarinet and trumpet) Dotted 8th-16th notes prevalent.  “Noodly” ww runs in last third of piece.  Independent trombone and baritone parts.  Rhythms are ok otherwise.  Trumpets have the melody in the beginning and closing section.  The beginning and ending are in F Lydian.  Technie is in the flute section mostly and sometimes doubles the alto sax.  The 3/4 section does not have a clear melody.  in 3/4 section, Alto saxes have 8th notes while clarinets have a "quasi-melody".  Very strange piece, must be played confidently!!!

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