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Level 1

Title - Summer Glen

Composer - Carol Brittin Chambers

Key - Eb w/no accidentals

Time - 4/4 throughout.  No fermatas.

Little bit of call and answer between low brass and high brass/ww towards end.  Very playable and straight forward.  No accidentals. Main rhythm of 1 2&3 4, 1 2 3&4. Lots of dynamic changes. Subito piano crescendo last four measures.  Low brass have the melody one measure which is an arpeggio.  Make sure melodic lines are played the same each time in terms of style and note length.

More info:  Low brass, Horn, Saxes, and Bass Clarinet have a lot of concert Ab through. There is a section in the middle where trumpets and horns drop out for 4 measures; flutes and clarinet have melody, alto sax is a mix between melody and bass line. Last 8 measure start with a 1 2&3 4 call and response (low brass then everyone else). The subito piano at the end is just marked as piano but there is a crescendo the last two measures. There are several times where there are rhythmically unison 1 2&3 (rest) before a rehearsal mark. I do not recall seeing the 1 2 (rest) 4 1& (rest) (rest) 4 rhythm. I also do not remember seeing a spot where the woodwinds drop out.  After the 4 measure break in the trumpet and horn parts, the horns enter on their bottom line Eb.


Even more info - Easiest Level 1 since Pride of the America. If we had a Level 0.5, it would be this song. Short 36 measures. Flute/Oboe/Clarinet/Trumpet range is low concert Bb to concert F. Low Brass/Woodwinds range is Concert Eb to Concert Bb. French horns hover around their D-Eb-F pretty much the entire song. Low Brass need to be comfortable going from Eb to Ab and vice versa.

Level 2

Title - Ridgewood Overture

Composer - Carol Brittin Chambers

Key - Bb.  No accidentals

Time - 4/4

Trumpets re-enter after an 8 measure phrase.  Make sure they count and understand they are re-entering as melody.  Make sure accompaniment lets melody sound through.  Source says very playable and straightforward.  Lots of step by dynamics. nothing more than eighth quarter half and dotted half notes. Nothing tricky. Lots of dynamics like they said. build for a couple measures and on the score page turn goes to 1 (2 3) 4 1& (2 3) 4. Also in low brass they have lots of ones and fours with rest on two and three. Just have to make sure they count those quarter rests. One place it’s woodwind heavy with a clarinet and flute quartet note trumpets.....then they drop out and trumpets take over. Maybe there are half notes in the accomp....kinda exposed but not awful on the ww it the trumpet part. No accidentals One rhythm moves the eighths around.... 1 2& 3 4 1 2 3& 4 Clarinets didn’t have anything high either. Super playable!!!

More info:  Lots of concert A naturals. Fl/Ob/Tpt. Enter have a 5 count rest with 2&-3-4.

Tympani specific - 2 tympani.  Rhythm of 1 (2 3) 4 1&2& (3) 4.  Make sure eighth notes are subdivided correctly.  Kids might try and rush eighth notes.

Level 3

Title - Intrada

Composer -Jack Wilds

Key - Eb

Time - 4/4

All phrases are 8 measure phrases.  Be careful to count trumpet entrances in meas 5.  Mostly grouped with ww ens/ tpt & horn/low brass and low reeds.  One instance where the horns are playing along with reeds without brass.  Multiple phrases that are 4& 1&2 3&4 1-(2)&3 4&.  Snares are off.  Some odd entrances where rest on count 4, off for 2 meas then re-enter midway through phrase.  Not difficult. 2 tympani

More info:  Melody does not start on tonic, starts on the 3rd. Main melody rhythm is played ALOT. 1&2,3&4 1-&3,4& 1 (then there’s 2 different rhythms followed) One spot where only trumpets have melody but there’s low brass accomp. A few percussion features bit timpani does not play during. Crash snare and bass only. 1 measure call and response from highs and lows near the end. Seems very short, around 50 ish measures

Level 4

Title:  The Overland Trail

Composer:  William Owens

Key:  Eb/Bb/Eb

Time Signature:  Allegro then Moderato

Fermata with cesura.  Then Bb that moves straight to Eb then fermata with cesura.  Accents scattered throughout the snare and brass parts. Accidentals throught, but no traps.  In "Western Style". Extremely playable.

4/4 throughout – the Main melody is (1 2ta 3ta – ta) (quarter - dotted 8th 16th – 3ta – ta) --- (quarter quarter quarter) Allegro – Eb (don’t go to fast) (A natural concert at MS 11) Ends with (one two te 3- ) fermata railroad tracks Andante – Bb WW exposed (quarter eight eight quarter quarter) At the end of this section there is a 4 bar key change back to Eb. Comes out of nowhere. But sounds good over all. Make sure you go over this several times. Big trap that will trip people up. There is no waring it is coming it just happens (MS 30) – ms (38) Allegro – Eb – starts with percussion playing 8th notes and builds the band from the bottom up for 2 ms. Then the melody in the trumpet comes in. Songs ends on (one ta – ta 3) Very western fill – percussion not hard. Has Sus cym, tri, bas , sn, timp, bells Trumpets lead the way. Flutes and clar follow. Low brass has (1ta rest rest 4) (rest 2 3-) then (1 2- 4) (1 2 3-)

More info: everybody plays the 1e+a, 2+ rhythm, including the tubas and low woodwinds.

Opening & closing tempo is moderato. Middle is rubato.

The phrase is spread between the voicings: 1e+a 2+ 1+ 2. Group 1 voicing is the 1st measure and needs to hand off to the 2nd group voicing in the 2nd measure. it's important to keep the phrasing even though it is juxtaposed.

Level 5

Title:  ?

Composer: Willie Owens

Key:  ?

Time Signature:  ?

Tempo:  ?

Level 6

Title: ?

Composer: Clif Jones

Key: ?

Time: ?

Tempo: ?


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