A little about BrynnPark Productions

The Start

BrynnPark was officially formed in 2007, but its origins go back to my 8th grade year of HS in Glasgow, Kentucky.  That is where I first started writing marching band drill, and it was done the old-fashioned way - on paper.  Through high school in Kentucky and Kansas, then performing in multiple organizations in Kansas, including the Marching Jayhawks, I began to form a better idea of how drill can be written.  Now, several years later, BrynnPark has grown from the initial one band, to 17 drills written in 2017!  


The Road

BrynnPark is dedicated to providing high quality, flexible, and custom marching band drill design for bands that are of any size, any skill, and any style - and do it a price that won't constrain budgets.  It is not BrynnParks' goal to get rich off of writing drill, but to see that bands are able to perform their best musically and visually.  


The Vision

The most important thing is that your band sounds fantastic while marching a drill designed by BrynnPark.  Sound is the the singular most important thing in marching band, and the marching drill will enhance the musicality of your group with visual representation of the music.


A little about the name "BrynnPark" - it is the name of my first two children, Brynn and Parker.  When we were expecting our third child, I "desperately" tried to convince my wife to name the child "Productions".  That didn't fly well, but since her name is Rowan, I am considering changing the name of the company to BrynnPark PROWductions.