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Level 6 2024

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River's Edge 

by Willie Owens

Key - Eb/Bb/Eb

Time - 4/4

Tempo - Allegro/Andante/Allegro

65 measures total

Some accidentals, nothing unusual

No technical passages to speak of

Any good 6A band will play it just fine.

1 +a 2 + 3 - flute, cl, tpt melody.
Low brass/reeds accomp. 1 + + 3 - with accent on and of 1.


1st section:  4/4 Eb Allegro.  Melody in fl/cl/tpt is 1 +a 2+ 3- 4+ w/ the +a2 slurred.  Accompaniment has a lot of eighth/quarter/eighth syncopation.   At the end of the first section it changes to lyrical, slurred woodwinds playing just quarters and eighths.  Then it adds brass back in for the last few bars of the first section.  Very few accidentals and none of them are crazy. There’s a poco rit then a fermata with cesura.  2nd section is 4/4 Bb Andante.  Nothing technical or tricky, very straight forward. Clarinets and altos carry most of the melody.  Another poco rit then fermata with cesura.  3rd section is back to 4/4 Eb Allegro.  Starts with the eighth/quarter/eighth syncopation.  Upper voices layer in with a 4e+a scalar run.  Then it goes back to the original melody from the first section.  The last few bars there are some accidentals.  Ends with a unison 1 +- +3.


Very musical with no “traps.”  We had enough time to read through the musical several times.  It was much easier than trying to teach the level 4 to a 3rd or 4th band.

Coming Soon

Key - Eb throughout (c minor for 4/4)

Time - 4/4 and 2/4


Beginning 4/4 - Andante Legato
Major points - lots of staggered up-beat entrances. Common recognizable melody.  Lots of call and response (&3&4 vs &1&2).  Make sure to connect phrases and hold out notes full length.

2/4 - Allegro - opposite style of 4/4
Major points - starts with percussion and Xylophone solo!
Not a lot of accidentals, mostly tricky with rhythm and articulations.

TYMPANI tuning -G (changes to Ab on 2/4), Bb, C, Eb

Percussion:  Timpani, Bells, Chimes, Xylophone, Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Crash Cymbals
Woodblock, Suspended Cymbal


by Tim Rhea

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