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Key - Eb

Time - 4/4

Errata:  Measures 21 & 25, beat 2, remove the staccato in the bass clarinet, bassoon, and bari sax (should have been done by region host)

Moderate March tempo, No accidentals, Snare drum and bass drum only for 2 measures.  Target melody to reinforce Concert Ab.  The high voices have that melody nearly the entire time during that 8 bar phrase.


There's an 8 bar phrase where the low brass has the melody and then the highs have 1 2&3 4, where 8th notes are staccato.

More info: Snare has 1 2&3 4e&a 1. There is a jump in the low brass from a half note Ab (top line for tbn/Bari) to low C. The hardest part overall is that there is very little time to rest the chops. 36 measures long. No phrases when a section rests, everyone plays together, except for a two measure percussion transition.Kids sounded tired by the end.  Ensembles should also exaggerate on their dynamic levels since there is a p section in the middle.

Percussion:  Bells, Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Crash Cymbals


by William Carpenter

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