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by Dennis Eveland

Key - Eb/F

Time - 

Tempo - Adagio/Allegro Vivo


Quite a few A naturals mixed in throughout the band.  Tempo change to Allegro Vivo following a fermata.  Key also changes to F there.  Repetitive 8th quarter 8th in saxes, trombones and euphonium. Quite a few accidentals mixed in throughout the group.

More information: Adagio beginning, starts with exposed bass voice sustain. Intro section many exposed long tones. Allegro Vivo sounds like a Marvel movie score. WW 16th runs move from beat 2 to beat 1 after page turn in the score. Dotted 8th/16th rhythms into syncopated 8ths in high voices. Subito piano with crescendo at the very end hides the suspension resolution that is thinly scored. Many accidentals throughout. This piece is a huge jump in difficulty from the level 4 we had to read last year. Actually a fun piece in many ways.

Percussion:  Timpani, Bells, Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Crash Cymbals, Triangle,
Suspended Cymbal

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