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Level 5 2024

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Key - Eb and Bb

Time - 4/4

Tempo - Andante Moderato / March

Starts off Andante Moderato with only horn and alto sax. Call and response of horn/sax with the band 1st 4 measures. Melody handed off to tpt/fl/cl/ob after that with dotted quarter eighth rhythm 1-(2) & 3-4. Changes to moderate tempo after a fermata/grand pause. Forte pianos are this composers favorite.


Percussion with a 4 bar intro: 1 &uh 2 &uh 3e&uh 4& repeated. Doesn’t state March style, but is. Lows/counter line comes in together and then the melody starts on BEAT 4. 4| 1 2& 3 4| 1 2 3 4 (rhythm repeats a LOT). Dotted 8th 16th rhythm has staccatos in the first half of the tempo change and then has accents.


Super repetitive melody. Middle section of the tempo change has horn and clarinet with melody in the lower register with a legato style. Passes onto fl/ob. Goes into small percussion break and then back to the repetitive melody again in a march style. Lots of dotted half tied to an 8th note releases. Only TWO accidental spots: concert Db and carries through the measure.


Low brass with no melody in the piece. They do have a rest followed by 2 quarter notes SLURRED together and then another rest. Sometimes trombones have 2 8ths that need need to be brought out. Last 3 measures: fp for band BUT horn and sax with quarter and 2 8ths. House top accent on last note for percussion (dampen timpani quick). Overall a pretty easy piece. Major things: Forte pianos, entrances on 4, and horn/sax or horn/cl playing alone.

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by Dennis Eveland

Key - Eb/F

Time - 

Tempo - Adagio/Allegro Vivo


Quite a few A naturals mixed in throughout the band.  Tempo change to Allegro Vivo following a fermata.  Key also changes to F there.  Repetitive 8th quarter 8th in saxes, trombones and euphonium. Quite a few accidentals mixed in throughout the group.

More information: Adagio beginning, starts with exposed bass voice sustain. Intro section many exposed long tones. Allegro Vivo sounds like a Marvel movie score. WW 16th runs move from beat 2 to beat 1 after page turn in the score. Dotted 8th/16th rhythms into syncopated 8ths in high voices. Subito piano with crescendo at the very end hides the suspension resolution that is thinly scored. Many accidentals throughout. This piece is a huge jump in difficulty from the level 4 we had to read last year. Actually a fun piece in many ways.

Percussion:  Timpani, Bells, Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Crash Cymbals, Triangle,
Suspended Cymbal

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