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Level 0.5

2022 Sightreading 

Title -  Small But Mighty (Concert March)

Composer - Jack Wilds

Key - Bb throughout

Time - 4/4 throughout

26 measures long.  Super simple rhythms.  Hardest rhythm in winds 1 2 & 3 4 Flute/Oboe/Tpt have same melody.  Sax/clar have the same rhythm.  Clarinet has harmony and sax has melody 1st 2 meas and upper harmony the last 2 measures.  NO CONCERT A NATURALS for anyone except for clarinet and horn.  Biggest thing is dynamics.  2 measure percussion soli (consists of quarters and 8ths)

About 8 measures in winds have a rest together except snare/brass.

2 bar percussion break towards end.

NEW INFORMATION added 3/9/2022 - Notes should be played in a separated, march style. Horns have low B-flats. There is a crescendo leading to a whole note forte. Clarinets have low B natural on that whole note. (They have B natural once before this spot, but you really don’t want them holding the wrong pitch for the whole note.) Last measure- Be sure to end with a full value quarter note that goes into a rest on beat 4.

2021 Sight-reading

Title -  Bold

Composer - Jack Wilds

Key - Eb throughout

Time - 4/4 throughout.  Andante Moderato

2 tympani.  20 MEASURES LONG.  Simple rhythms.  No key changes, no time changes.  No accidentals.  No dynamics and no articulation markings.  Very straightforward. 


From a director:  On the score - on pages 4 - end, the conductor’s score will say Bold & Breezy, not Bold. The music is correct. On measure 5 of the conductor’s score, the flute part is missing two quarter notes, but it is correct on the music. Lots of unison rhythms 2 clarinet/2 trumpet parts, but they are mostly unison throughout the music. They have a C against a D on some of the 8th notes.  You should be able to go through this level many times and have time left.  This is basically the Level 1 cut down to 20 measures.

Measures 1-6 is blocked - on the opening melody everyone goes down while the horn/alto sax go up.  Square 7 & 13 is flute/oboe/clarinet/tpt melody.  Alto and horn join melody at Meas 10-11 and 16-17.  Low brass need to pay special attention to their Ab.  Last 4 measures are block.

Common snare rhythm is 1 2&3&4& / 1 2&3 4e&a

NOTE:  The rehearsal numbers don't fall on the phrases.